Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Software update: version 5.20

All editions of UFS Explorer software were updated to version 5.20. This update enables the following features in the software:
  • Support of Apple file Extended Attributes and Resource Forks. When copying of extended attributes is enabled (by default), the software restores file tags, associations and other custom attributes. This function is available under Mac OS X via native API and under Windows/Linux by means of support of .AppleDouble extended attribute format.
  • Glyphs pre-composition. Apple Mac OS X does not support so-called "composed glyphs" (such as certain Kanji or umlauts, formed by base symbol and "accent modifier" symbol). When copying data across operating systems, using of composed glyphs may cause issues with access to file system under Mac OS. Starting from this version, UFS Explorer replaces "composed" symbol sequences with "pre-composed" characters.
Users of  UFS Explorer version 5 should consider this update as "recommended".

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New Raise Data Recovery software released

Starting from version 6, Raise Data Recovery software was branched from UFS Explorer product. Now it receives its own unique interface and functional design.
Key modification in version 6 are:
  • Simple, Wizard-style interface instead of technician-style interface of UFS Explorer;
  • Single data recovery scan procedure, covering all data loss cases and all supported file systems;
  • File preview for many different file formats;
  • Modular software licensing instead of "single software - single file system" concept;
  • Inexpensive Short Term Support license for lifetime license and 30 days of free updates.

Existing customers may continue using Raise Data Recovery version 5 for lifetime.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Minor update: version 5.19.1 released

This is mostly technical software update that replaces old digital signature on Windows editions of the software with new, more secure one, according to new Microsoft security recommendations.

Another feature is added function to Windows software edition of direct "drive passport" query from ATA/SATA/SCSI/USB attached storages, even through certian bridge chips. This makes valid drive serial numbers available in the interface.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Software update: version 5.19

This is ordinary software update that adds the following new features to all UFS Explorer software:
  • VHDX support: along with other supported virtual disk formats, UFS Explorer can now open VHDX virtual disks, created with Microsoft Hyper-V of all versions. It is included read-only support of both stand-alone virtual disks as well as virtual disks with "snapshots".
  • New hard disk "keep alive" policy. Starting from version 5.19 all UFS Explorer products perform attempts to restore hard disk connection in case of accidental disk disconnection or link loss. With this new policy, you will not need to re-open storage to restore disk data connection.
Other modifications include found bug fixes. This update is considered as "recommended" to all users of UFS Explorer version 5 products.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Software update: version 5.18.5 released.

Latest software modifications (versions 5.18.2-5.18.5) were addressed to tune the software and fix software problems in certain scenarios. Among recent modifications are:
  • In RAID Builder: parameters for RAID6 Compact Left Symmetric rotation are now default to ARECA RAID controller;
  • In RAID detection tool: support of mdadm metadata at non-standard offsets;
  • In GPT: better support of disks with 4K sectors.
Among problem fixes:
  • Fixed RAID builder GUI in part of RAID6 advanced settings (when doing recovery with two missing drives);
  • Fixed issues with GPT module when partition address is incorrect;
  • Fixed "missing symbols" issue for extended Unicode;
  • Fixed issue with detection of current file system type after format of ExFAT to FAT32.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Software update: version 5.18.1 released.

This version address issues detected after launching support of Btrfs file system. Particularly, when RAID volume was formatted with Btrfs and contained millions of files, this caused significant performance penalty because of high level of internal storage layout segmentation. With this update was applied different approach of handling this kind of storage that saved much resource and made it work much faster.

We have also noticed that UFS Explorer did not support Meta-Group Descriptor feature of Ext3/Ext4 file systems. Starting of version 5.18.1 this feature is also supported in all software editions.

This update is considered as "recommended", especially to users of software version 5.18.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Major update: version 5.18

With skipping of intermediate update 5.17.2 we are announcing release of updated software at version 5.18. In this update, we release support of Btrfs file system. The update is applicable to all UFS Explorer software, including Standard Access.
What is currently implemented:
  • "Read" support for Btrfs formatted volumes;
  • Support of RAID-enabled Btrfs, including "mirror", "stripe", "raid5", "raid10", "raid6" schemas for both data and metadata with any number of disks.
For next software versions we discovered quite good possibility of deleted files recovery from Btrfs formatted volumes as well as low chances of data recovery after volume format (due to loss of critical information about internal storage layout).