Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Software update: version 5.3 released

SysDev Laboratories introduces the next regular update to UFS Explorer software family: the software version 5.3. This is the free update for users of version 5 software and is recommended for installation. Users of previous software versions (4 and below) may move to version 5.3 of the software according to terms and conditions of UFS Explorer software upgrade policy. The software is available for download from download section of UFS Explorer web site.

What's new in this update

The update introduces new features and resolutions for several usability issues. The new functions include:

Storage identification for RAID recovery.

Since version 5.3 UFS Explorer Professional Recovery identifies drives serial numbers for easier drives identification during RAID reconstruction process. The serial number both present in storage properties and as informational column in RAID builder dialog.

Serial number identification depends of operating system platform and hardware.

Bad file system objects identification

When software is unable to resolve directory record because of incorrect RAID configuration or data damage, software may optionally signal about this problem by showing "bad" ("Unknown") objects.

Support of symbolic links

The software now resolves reparse or junction points and symbolic links for correct navigation using this kind of file system navigation "shortcuts".

More data protection for source storage

The software now denies copying of recovered data to the target location, same as source media. This prevents source data modification and helps to protect source data until recovery is complete. The option is available for Windows platform only.
Please note that it still not recommended to write anything to source storage using any third-party software to protect data until successful recovery is complete!

Several problem fixes

This includes fix to XFS file system recovery when short extended attributes are used (versions prior to 5.3 shown such files as "damaged"), fixes to user interface issues, sudden software crashes in some scenarios and so on.