Monday, January 14, 2013

Software update: version 5.6 released

New software version 5.6 brings more optimization, features and problem fixes. The most major modification is rework of data storage schema of data recovery "engine" that now allows both to save more memory and preserve file modification dates of found (recovered) files. Obviously this is only applicable to files and folders with available file/folder modification dates and not applicable to "synthetic" files found with IntelliRAW.
New features also include feature that allows to define in-memory caching of opened storages.  This  can significantly enhance performance of slow storages or algorithmic RAID with small stripe size (such as 512 bytes for RAID 5 or RAID 0).

There are also solved several problems, including:
  • problem with support of VMware "COWD" format used with ESX/ESXi virtual machine snapshots;
  • data truncation problem on large VMware VMDK files;
  • data truncation problem on extra large Ext3-Ext4 file system during data recovery scan.
The software is recommended for update. Please note however that data recovery scan results produced with older software versions (5.5.1 or below) can not be loaded with software version  5.6.