Monday, December 14, 2015

Software update: version 5.18.5 released.

Latest software modifications (versions 5.18.2-5.18.5) were addressed to tune the software and fix software problems in certain scenarios. Among recent modifications are:
  • In RAID Builder: parameters for RAID6 Compact Left Symmetric rotation are now default to ARECA RAID controller;
  • In RAID detection tool: support of mdadm metadata at non-standard offsets;
  • In GPT: better support of disks with 4K sectors.
Among problem fixes:
  • Fixed RAID builder GUI in part of RAID6 advanced settings (when doing recovery with two missing drives);
  • Fixed issues with GPT module when partition address is incorrect;
  • Fixed "missing symbols" issue for extended Unicode;
  • Fixed issue with detection of current file system type after format of ExFAT to FAT32.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Software update: version 5.18.1 released.

This version address issues detected after launching support of Btrfs file system. Particularly, when RAID volume was formatted with Btrfs and contained millions of files, this caused significant performance penalty because of high level of internal storage layout segmentation. With this update was applied different approach of handling this kind of storage that saved much resource and made it work much faster.

We have also noticed that UFS Explorer did not support Meta-Group Descriptor feature of Ext3/Ext4 file systems. Starting of version 5.18.1 this feature is also supported in all software editions.

This update is considered as "recommended", especially to users of software version 5.18.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Major update: version 5.18

With skipping of intermediate update 5.17.2 we are announcing release of updated software at version 5.18. In this update, we release support of Btrfs file system. The update is applicable to all UFS Explorer software, including Standard Access.
What is currently implemented:
  • "Read" support for Btrfs formatted volumes;
  • Support of RAID-enabled Btrfs, including "mirror", "stripe", "raid5", "raid10", "raid6" schemas for both data and metadata with any number of disks.
For next software versions we discovered quite good possibility of deleted files recovery from Btrfs formatted volumes as well as low chances of data recovery after volume format (due to loss of critical information about internal storage layout).

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Software update: version 5.17.1

This release is mostly related to found problem fixes. Among them are:
  • Fixed issue with recognition of virtual disk size of Hyper-V virtual disks (VHD) with format version 6.x;
  • Fixed size of files recovered from XFS and HFS+ file system in certain scenarios (because of incorrect size, the files were padded with zeros to whole cluster boundaries);
  • Fixed licensing issue for ExFAT file system in Standard Recovery/Raise Data Recovery software family.
New features only include recognition of SPARK Solaris disklabels and support of disk partitions, created by natively big-endian systems.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Support of Netgear NAS full disk encryption

Starting from version 5.17 UFS Explorer Professional Recovery supports decryption and recovery of Netgear NAS with enabled full-disk encryption. Netgear NAS use classic LUKS encryption with generated passphrase, that is called in terms of Netgear "the key".
Previous UFS Explorer version was unable to decrypt this NAS because of passphrase length that for Netgear is few kilobytes.
Currently virtual RAID from Netgear NAS can be decrypted for recovery using standard "Decrypt using LUKS infomation" function and by specifying known "key" as passphrase.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Major update: version 5.17

After a while, we release next software update. This release is mostly related to upgrade of SGI XFS file system support. Recently Linux developer's community introduced extension to XFS file system to increase its reliability. This included modification of key metadata structures, making older software implementation incompatible with newer file system design.
Starting from version 5.17 our software fully supports CRC-enabled XFS (inode version 3 and folder version 2 (3) metadata).
If you are using the software with CRC-enabled XFS, it is recommended to update your software to latest version.

Among other modifications there are:
  • fixed problem causing software crash when operated with path bar in certain scenarios;
  • fixed issue with incorrect detection of EXT4 file system size for scan when file system size is over 16TB;
  • fixed certain user interface related issues.