Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Software update: version 5.15.3

This software update was related to file dates, reported by the software. Starting from version 5.15.3 the software preserves not only date of file modification, but also date of "creation" and "last access" date. This feature applies only to Windows software version (Linux and Mac OS use these date attributes differently).
With support of these date attributes there was also introduced support for precise time, that include local time adjustment basing on current time zone, daylight saving time settings and etc.

Among other implemented changes are:
  • fixed bug preventing recognition of ZFS file systems in certain scenarios;
  • 8.3 file names on FAT/FAT32 file system are now considered lower-case;
  • rework of file dates handling procedures.
This update is recommended to cases related to ZFS file system as well as to cases related to forensics when file dates precision is critical.