Monday, December 14, 2015

Software update: version 5.18.5 released.

Latest software modifications (versions 5.18.2-5.18.5) were addressed to tune the software and fix software problems in certain scenarios. Among recent modifications are:
  • In RAID Builder: parameters for RAID6 Compact Left Symmetric rotation are now default to ARECA RAID controller;
  • In RAID detection tool: support of mdadm metadata at non-standard offsets;
  • In GPT: better support of disks with 4K sectors.
Among problem fixes:
  • Fixed RAID builder GUI in part of RAID6 advanced settings (when doing recovery with two missing drives);
  • Fixed issues with GPT module when partition address is incorrect;
  • Fixed "missing symbols" issue for extended Unicode;
  • Fixed issue with detection of current file system type after format of ExFAT to FAT32.