Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Software upgrade: version 5.8

After intermediate software release (version 5.7.1) we are glad to introduce new software version 5.8. This release includes several new features and among them:
  • Full support of data recovery from Windows Server 2012 ReFS (Resilient File System). Supported functions include "read" access to ReFS formatted volumes from all supported operating system platforms, deleted files recovery from ReFS (this preserves file names, dates and structure), finding lost ReFS partitions and reconstruction of ReFS volumes after even severe damage and metadata corruption. Full support of data recovery from ReFS is only supported in UFS Explorer Professional Recovery.
  • Public version of UFS Explorer gets Unix "divvy" partition layout support;
  • UFS Explorer Professional Recovery also gets basic support of plain non-chunked EnCase Forensics image files.
The software upgrade is considered as recommended to all users of UFS Explorer version 5. If you have earlier software version, you may still upgrade to latest software version according to software upgrade policy.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Minor update: software version 5.7.1

In this update there are fixed several stability issues, including problems of handling "degraded" RAID 5 in certain scenarios. Other implemented updates include fixing of other reported minor usability or stability issues.
If you have any problems related to operating with degraded RAID 5, it's recommended to upgrade your software copy.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Software update: version 5.7 released

New software version 5.7 introduces new features and several problem fixes. The software is recommended for update to all version 5 software users.
The new features in version 5.7 comparing to 5.6 are:
  • Support of large Ext4 volumes (over 16TB);
  • Support of new generation of ZFS file system with use of "System attribute" instead of legacy "D-node";
  • Supoport of VMFS 5 extension that provides extended block addressing in ".sbc.sf".
Among resolved problems are:
  • Fixed read operation from RAID 3 with block size below 512 bytes;
  • Fixed IntelliRAW scan bug (appeared in version 5.6) when "fragmentation" flag is enabled.
Please note that users of "Professional Recovery" version 5.6 and below for Windows OS will have to re-activate the software using updated registration code.