Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Software update: version 5.14

This software update is major and includes many new features, problem fixes and reworked functions. Following new features are available since version 5.14:
  • Advanced filter and parameters specification for file copying via "Copy with parameters..." tool. This function allows precise specification how and what to copy with bulk data copying operations.
  • Supported Apple Software RAID. In RAID editions of UFS Explorer this allows to build apple "software RAID" automatically.
  • File name and path now shown in "file already exists" dialog. This extension of "file conflict" dialog now allows specifying precise type and location of the conflict.
  • Chunked VMware VMDK files now can be opened using "disk descriptor file". This allows to open "chunked" VMDK files as a single virtual disk even in non-RAID software editions.
Total rework applies to modification and unification of "file copying" procedure. Now it works same way in all software editions.

The following problems were found and fixed since previous release:
  • Fixed "Dot issue" at the end of folder name under Windows;
  • Better support of old big-endian UFS;
  • VMDK partial cluster issue is fixed for ESX 5 VMFS;
  • Fixed legacy HFS compatibility issue;
  • Software now properly handles "dirty" file allocation B-tree on Ext4 file system;
  • Fixed bug in restoring connection to offline network attached drives under Windows;
  • Fixed crash in RAID builder if disk is disconnected during RAID reconstruction;
  • Removed condition for hang of adaptive RAID5 reconstruction procedure.
The specified bugs may affect many users, so this update is recommended to all users of software version 5.