Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Minor update: software version 5.10.1

New software update introduces mostly reported problem fixes, which include the following:
  • Software crash and context menu issue under MacOS X in certain scenarios;
  • Damage of "localized" file names in data recovery scan result in certain scenarios;
  • Issue that prevented reading of large VMDK from VMFS file system if defined small file system block size.
New feature in this update is implemented support of Intel Matrix Storage RAID technology. With this update, software can automatically recognize LUN volumes on individual drives as well as automatically recognize and build RAID of different levels. Because of design, to make this feature work the drives must be connected via native interface to make drive serial numbers available to the running software.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Software upgrade: version 5.10

SysDev Laboratories have release next regular update to all UFS Explorer software products: software version 5.10.
In this release, software receives  support of virtual machine snapshots by using virtual machine virtual disks and "chaining" them with single or multiple differential ("delta") disks. "Chaining" featue, allows using virtual disk in original state or with applied modification by one or more snapshots. To use this feature you should bind "delta" virtual disk to its base using new "Set as "Delta" for..." tool. The feature is available for desktop virtualization software (all editions) as well as for VMware ESX(i) VMFS file system (Professional Recovery software edition).

Other significant modification is pushed trial limits for software running in trial mode. Now there are following trial limits for different software editions:
 - UFS Explorer Standard Recovery, Raise Data Recovery - trial software cannot copy files with size over 256 KB;
 - UFS Explorer Standard Access, UFS Explorer RAID Recovery, UFS Explorer Professional Recovery - trial software cannot copy files with size over 768 KB.

There are also fixed several reported problems, inclusing missing localized file names when running data recovery under Linux in certain scenarios.

The software upgrade is considered as recommended to all users of UFS Explorer version 5. If you have earlier software version, you may still upgrade to latest software version according to software upgrade policy.