Thursday, December 6, 2012

Minor software update: version 5.5.1

This version was released to resolve several software stability and usability issues, as well as include most recent modifications that were applied to software base logics. It's recommended to update your software version 5 to latest version 5.5.1.

The changes include:

  • The update resolves sudden software crash if operating with double-degraded RAID level 6 and direct indexes for Reed-Solomon code (all RAID editions);
  • There are corrected several mistakes in RAID Definition Language (RDL) syntax analyzer (Professional Recovery);
  • Detected and resolved data consistency issue with parallel disk imaging (Professional Recovery);

  • Speed optimization of certain utility operation (data modification, disk erasing etc.);
  • Debian/Ubuntu Linux .deb packages: default "gksu" rights elevation for GUI shortcuts;
  • Digital signature on Mac OS X software for compatibility with Mac OS X 10.8 Gatekeeper.

  • Better detection and recovery of HFS+ file systems with severe metadata damage;
  • Support of optional storage caching for faster recovery from slow, chunked or very segmented storages (Professional Recovery);
  • Support of mdadm/span with defined striping.